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Our new series, "Piccole Guide," are short, concise language guides that address a variety of topics on Italian grammar and language learning.

For a limited time, we are offering a subscription to all future ebooks (as PDFs) in our "Piccole Guide" series - it is a great way to save money while helping Parola del Giorno grow! Also, you will also receive free electronic copies of exercises supplements, too!

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Released Volumes:

1. Volume 1: Prepositions
40 pages, eBook, pdf (DRM-free)

2. Exercise Supplement: Prepositions
47 pages, eBook, pdf (DRM-free)

3. Volume 2: Ripassiamo! (Let's Review!)

4. Volume 3: Un viaggio fra i verbi
92 pages, eBook, pdf (DRM-free)

Upcoming releases

I plan to release volume 4 in a couple of months, perhaps sooner. Volume 4 focuses on pronouns. I had written it a year ago, but I did not like the format and structure of the guide, and I recently had a new idea and am restructuring the work. I hope to finish this month and then have it by February or March (perhaps sooner).

5. Volume 4: I pronomi sono i nostri amici

6. Volume 5: Italian verb tenses for the non-native speaker

Some terms and conditions:

1. We can't guarantee the exact date of publication for our titles. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or at our web site (paroladelgiorno.com) for updates and news.

2. All sales are final.

3. You will receive a PDF file for each publication and another for each exercise supplement. All our PDF's are DRM-free (but pages may be watermarked for copyright protection).

4. Price of subscription covers all future volumes. If we decide to extend the series beyond Volume 5, your subscription includes access to those volumes and their respective exercise supplements (we anticipate more than six volumes).

5. Some buyers may be required to pay VAT (in the EU) or U.S. sales tax, depending upon your state/country's tax laws/codes. This is reflected in the price when purchasing.

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