Parola del Giorno

Parola del Giorno

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PRE-ORDER --> Piccole Guide (Volume 3): Verbi che tutti devono sapere

You are PRE-ORDERING a copy of volume 3 -- once the title is submitted for publication, you will receive it; what you receive today is simply a copy of the cover as a placeholder until the final book is ready!

Volume 3 of our Piccole Guide series will be (tentatively) titled:

Verbi che tutti devono sapere

This short guide will profile some of the most important Italian verbs, such as essere, avere, stare, and more. There will be thematic sections on daily activities, the weather, and more. There will also be important usage notes, too. After reading this book, you should have an excellent command of some of the most important Italian verbs so that you can take your Italian to the next level.

We anticipate the book being between 35-55 pages (perhaps more). This is why it is important to reserve your copy today! The longer the book, the more expensive it ends up being.

PRE-ORDER your PDF ebook copy today! Get the ebook for just $5.99 (the price goes up to $9.99 once the book is on sale).

Once you pre-order this book, you will be prompted to download a file. This file is just the cover of our book and serves ONLY as a placeholder until the book is ultimately published. We anticipate publishing the book in/around November 2017. As always, we make no guarantees on our publishing dates. Please follow us on Facebook or our web site for updates on our publication schedule.

If you have any questions, please send us a message!

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